“Her creative curiosity and entrepreneurial ingenuity are contagious. In everything she does—from mapping my café’s digital marketing strategy to plotting her round-the-world honeymoon—she seeks out opportunities to engage on a deep, authentic level. Everything she touches bears the trace of her truly au-courant style.”

Ali Cohane, owner of Persephone and Picnic

think do grow

I’m a doer: I listen, learn, distill, then act. And I’m drawn to people who do the same—people who transform the space they occupy, be it physical or conceptual. I’ve always been this way, back to my school days studying business development and communications, and now, in the nine years I’ve spent helping luxury/lifestyle brands develop their visions and voices. Whether growing a business plan to include an e-commerce site or refining the messaging of a character-rich enterprise, I amplify the value of my clients’ hard work.

I believe in coalition, the inspiration that comes from fusing talent and forging teams. Embracing change, I picture the route to greater success, the trajectory through challenges, the opportunities amid complications. Intellectually ambidextrous, I think both aesthetically and analytically. Ever an entrepreneur, I identify the details that define my strategies.

Clarity can be hard to come by in this crowded contemporary moment. Surrounded by so much noise and advice, my clients come to me with desires—sometimes abstract, always ambitious. I supply the drive and direction. Turn to me to think, to do, to grow.